50 metres free span in cold-rolled steel.

As a pioneer in steel constructions, Frisomat develops a 50m free span in cold-rolled steel. So far, steel constructions like this, could go to a maximum width of 35 metres, in exceptional cases, up to 40 metres.

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Test set-up on a 1:1 scale


To turn theory into practice, Frisomat has mounted a truss beam framework of 50m wide on its factory premises in Belgium.


Why a full-scale test model?


  • To measure the bending (positive camber), which theoretically is very difficult to predict
  • To verify the solidity of the structure, by suspending a ballast of 1.700kg onto the steel construction. The weight is equal to the load of the steel purlins and roof sheeting.
  • To suggest clear and tested assembly instructions for our technicians


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100% success rate


The results of the test configuration turned out to be very successful. Despite the ballast, the steel structure showed almost no bending or distortion. The results were so good in fact, the concept doesn’t require any modification whatsoever. Thanks to in-depth engineering, a new standard is set for constructions in cold rolled steel.


Industrial warehouse of 6,250 m²


After the experience with the test configuration, the project becomes reality in the autumn of 2012.


The industrial building will serve as a warehouse in a South-American port terminal. The project (125m long, 50m wide and 9m high) is custom-made for the client. For example:


  • One 8m wide canopy on the 125m long sidewall of the warehouse
  • One 8m wide canopy on the front wall
  • 5 industrial sliding doors
  • A mezzanine inside serving as office space


The close proximity to the sea, a very aggressive environment, requires a special PVDF coating. This to guarantee the colour retention and the life span of the roof and wall sheeting.
High wind load

The hangar will be able to resist a wind load of 168km/h, which is the toughest standard for South America. Because of this heavy load, double and asymmetric columns are required to counteract declension. The truss beam framework columns are providing extra reinforcements.


Some numbers


  • Weight of test set-up: 4 tonnes
  • Biggest thickness of steel: 4mm
  • Width test configuration: 50m
  • Period of assembly: 1 day
  • Number of light cranes used to build up one frame: 3