A unique hangar in Gabon, the heart of Africa.

Gabon lies in the heart of West Central Africa, one of the most prosperous countries in the region. The booming economy, mainly thanks to the exploitation of crude oil and mining, provides a capita per income up to four times that of most nations of sub-Saharan Africa. This new economic situation asks for modern infrastructure and this is where Frisomat comes into play.

However, we must point out that a third of all Gabonese still live in poverty.


3.200m² of shopping and storage space

In Port-Gentil, the 2nd largest city of Gabon, Frisomat recently built a 3.200m² supermarket with an adjoining warehouse. It is the centre of Gabon’s petroleum and timber industries and has recently become one of the richest cities in Gabon.

The supermarket Super CKdo, built under the authority of Ceca Gadis (the Gabonese Commercial Development Company for the Distribution Industry), is the latest and most modern store in the network; spanning over 100 supermarkets in Gabon.Klik pre zväčšenie


Ceca Gadis, in need of a flagship store in Port-Gentil, consulted a Gabon-based architect for the design of the project. The architect, already experienced with Frisomat’s industrial buildings and hangars, consulted us once again for a unique and challenging project.


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2 different steel hangars

When building a supermarket, there are numerous health and safety regulations which must be taken into account. Since it is a public environment, several smoke hatches and a fire proof concrete wall between the warehouse and the supermarket were necessary to meet the norms. 

The entire project consists of two industrial hangars with very different applications. The supermarket itself (30m wide, 61m long and 7m high) and a warehouse (30m wide, 37m long and 7m high) for the storage of alimentary goods. Each steel building is completely isolated, made out of the best steel quality and completely in order with the regulations.

Fitting in only 7 40ft open top containers, leaving the Port of Antwerp and shipped to the harbour of Port Gentil, it took just 3 months to assemble the hangars on site. Thanks to its suitable location and modern appearance, the supermarket attracts a lot of new customers. A few weeks after the opening, Super CKdo already found a special place in the shopping heart of the citizens of Port-Gentil.


Frisomat has a special relationship with Gabon, over the years, several industrial buildings have been built in Libreville, Port Gentil, Lambaréné.

Recently, Frisomat built a palm oil factory, located around in Lamberene and Makouké. This hangar, in cooperation with the same architect as for the Port Gentil supermarket, has more or less the same dimensions and characteristics.

Klik pre zväčšenieThe architect, Mr Robert Sosson, worked once again with Frisomat thanks to some unique advantages which only we can provide:


  • 2 African branches (Algeria and Angola), a total global network of 17 branches
  • 30 years of African construction experience
  • Very short production, delivery and assembly periods
  • Steel of the highest quality available (HSS-steel)
  • Robust and lightweight steel constructions
  • Numerous accessories to personalize your hangar
  • 20.000 worldwide references
  • A high degree of workmanship


All applications possible:

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