Frisomat is CE and EN1090 certified

European quality standards in the construction sector are becoming increasingly stricter. And that is a good thing too: this means that building users can be sure of the strength of the materials and the structure. Frisomat recently obtained the necessary second certificate making it one of the first steel constructors to be entirely in line with European standards.


Double certificate

Frisomat works exclusively with CE certified steel. This means that all our raw materials have been thoroughly tested on strength and durability before we use them in our constructions. But you already knew that – Frisomat has been doing this for over ten years already.

The EN1090 certification is new. We recently obtained it after a strict certification inspection by the German GSI-SLV from Duisburg. This certificate guarantees that our construction method and our calculations meet European standards. In other words, our steel and our assembly method have been certified to be absolutely safe.


Nothing new under the sun

Actually this double certification is not new. CE certification has been customary at Frisomat for years. And to obtain the EN1090 certificate we changed nothing at all to our method of working. In other words, our constructions are exactly the same, but now it has been proven that they are compliant with European rules.


Rest assured

The certificates do not make our steel stronger and our construction method better. They just give you the peace of mind that your Frisomat construction has passed the strictest checks, from steel production to processing and assembly. And you can therefore rest assured that our claims about strength, wind resistance and corrosion protection are completely true.