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Oceľová konštrukcia pre výrobné zariadenia alebo skladiská.

  • Oceľová konštrukcia pre Vaše výrobné alebo skladové priestory.

    • Veľké rozpätie – Vaša oceľová budova môže mať šírku až do 35 metrov a neobmedzenú dĺžku. So šikmou strechou s desať stupňovým uhlom nestratíte ani len centimeter kubický zo skladového priestoru.
    • Elegantný dizajn – Dvojité Astra krovy do seba dokonale zapadajú a dodávajú Vašej oceľovej konštrukcii štýlový vzhľad. 
    • Množstvo využití – Použite Astru na výrobný závod, priemyselnú budovu, sklad, letecký hangár, indoorovú jazdeckú arénu, atď.

    Ako akákoľvek iná Frisomat budova, tak aj Váš Astra sklad bude postavený dvomi montérmi rýchlosťou blesku. 

Unshakeable foundations »
Industrial building up to nine metres high »
Sturdy connecting piece for maximum span »
Robust ridge piece »
Wind bracing for extra sturdiness »
Insulation for added possibilities »
Strong roof cladding in your corporate colour »
Translucent panels »
Steel roof guttering to size »
Accessories to personalise your warehouse »
Make your warehouse fireproof »
Robust and colourful steel walls »
Sectional doors for more flexibility »
Steel canopy on the outside »

Unshakeable foundations

Prefabricated concrete

We use prefabricated concrete elements for the foundations of your building. This is the most solid and fastest way to anchor your building. The concrete plinths are set in ready-mixed concrete. This will ensure your hangar will stand firmly on its foundations.


Cast foundations
Would you like a concrete slab for your foundations? Or a concrete plinth beam? This can also be done. If so we will discuss exact positioning of the anchor points in advance, to enable assembly to proceed at lightning speed.


Able to withstand all weathers
The appropriate anchors or expansion bolts in our foundations hold down your warehouse perfectly even in the most extreme weather.

Industrial building up to nine metres high

High-quality steel structure
The trusses as well as the stanchions in your Astra warehouse are erected 100% in light but strong high-grade galvanised HSS steel. Double Sigma sections are at the core of your steel structure. This composition guarantees a stable and robust construction with a long service life.


In-house production

Frisomat produces the entire steel structure of your Astra warehouse itself. In our Antwerp factory we conduct the most stringent quality checks on incoming steel supplies and on our own production.


Nine metres of usable height
The maximum height of your Astra unit is nine metres. This is the height of the steel columns on the sides of your warehouse, under the trusses. You can therefore make full use of this height for storage or office space.

Is nine metres too high for you? If so, you don’t need to build that high. An Astra warehouse is available starting at four metres high: ideal for storing smaller materials.

Sturdy connecting piece for maximum span

Prepared at the factory

The strength of the connecting pieces in your Astra steel building is crucial to its load bearing capacity and span width. That is why we take great care in preparing these connecting pieces in our factory. There we can keep the conditions under perfect control. The result: connecting pieces that can be fitted rapidly and are guaranteed to be of top quality.


Ten degree roof pitch
All Astra connecting pieces feature a 10-degree angle. This gentle roof pitch gives your building an up-to-date industrial appearance. It therefore enables you to utilise the entire floor space to store goods or park vehicles.


From 15 to 35 metres
Astra is available in numerous widths between 15 and 35 metres without any additional intermediate support. Do you want a larger building? If so, you can manage a 70-metre span with a single row of columns along the centre.

Robust ridge piece

Crucial steel connecting piece

The ridge is literally the apex of your steel unit. This connecting piece is required to absorb substantial loads due to wind, snow and heavy rainfall. That is why it is manufactured in advance at our factory in Antwerp, enabling it to be fitted quickly but solidly on site.


Perfect fit

All components for your steel warehouse are manufactured to size in advance. The ridge piece is also prepared with your specific unit in mind. The Astra ridge piece is consistent with a 10-degree roof pitch. This gives your Astra unit an industrial, elegant and modern effect.

Wind bracing for extra sturdiness

Steel cables

Your steel unit is built entirely in lightweight cold-rolled steel which is firm and able to withstand severe weather. Wind bracing is required in order to increase the resilience of your unit even further in the event of strong side winds. These crossed steel cables give the construction sufficient stiffness to withstand even the heaviest loads.

Wind bracing is a standard feature of Astra.


In-house production

The wind bracing is produced entirely at our factory. Here too, we use steel from suppliers with an outstanding reputation and a list of sound references. We also check the steel production process at our suppliers. This enables us to guarantee quality from start to finish.

Insulation for added possibilities

From cold store to office

You can utilise Astra as a storage unit, office facility or production building. The steel construction lends itself perfectly to use as a cold store. We have specific insulation available for any application, which we can fit it in the right place when erecting your unit.


Glass wool or sandwich panels

There are unlimited options for insulating your unit. Light sandwich panels provide maximum thermal insulation as well as giving your unit added sturdiness. This is ideal if you want to create an office area in your Astra unit.  Lining trays in glass wool are more budget-friendly and a better deal for limited temperature fluctuations. All insulation materials are prepared to measure and are delivered for assembly.

Strong roof cladding in your corporate colour

Strong trapezoidal sheets

The roof cladding on your Astra unit consists of trapezoidal sheets in pre-painted S280 steel with a thick zinc coating over the base metal. We only use HSS steel from suppliers with a sound reputation.


Custom-made and in your colour

At our Antwerp factory we cut and bend all sheets exactly to size. This enables our erectors to get down to work at once at your site with perfect prefabricated components. You choose the colour for your roof cladding from 15 RAL colours, from yellow and green to red and blue – or any combination. This enables you to personalise the roof of your steel unit entirely to your liking.


Choice of finishing details

Do you want a rooflight in your roof? Added insulation? No problem. We will discuss with you beforehand how we will partition your roof so later on you will get exactly the unit you had in mind.

Translucent panels

Allow daylight to stream in

Of course you can provide electric power in your unit without any problems and create artificial light. However natural light is much more pleasant during daytime. It is perfectly possible to provide this with a rooflight along the length of your building.


Anywhere in your roof

Do you want a large rooflight in the ridge of your unit? Various translucent panels in specific positions? Any of these can be done. These translucent panels are not detrimental to the sturdiness of your building.


Made to measure

Your translucent sheets are also prepared, supplied and fitted by Frisomat. This means you have just one supplier to fully equip your unit.

Steel roof guttering to size

Efficient rainwater discharge

Your steel construction is of course windproof and watertight. Nonetheless you still want rainwater to be discharged as quickly as possible off the roof of your steel warehouse. This is what our roof gutters do. They are manufactured in the same cold-rolled and galvanised steel as your unit.  This means robust material.


Accurately calculated

How wide does your roof guttering need to be? And exactly how many steel downpipes do you need? That is the job of our engineers: they calculate the exact number of downpipes needed to keep your unit free from damp.


Fifteen colours

Your roof guttering matches your unit exactly since you will choose the colour we apply to the roof guttering and downpipes. They can either stand out or otherwise, whichever you want.

Accessories to personalise your warehouse

Fitting out to meet your needs

Is your unit to be used shortly as a storage facility with office space? If so you are best erecting a mezzanine for your staff, in which case windows and man doors will of course be crucial too. Will you be using the building to park aircraft? If so you will need a large door. For an equestrian arena you can leave the sides open.

We will fit out your warehouse to meet your needs perfectly. The possibilities are virtually unlimited: loading docks, canopies, overhead cranes, etc.


Perfectly integrated

We will consult with you beforehand on which accessories and what equipment you need in your warehouse. We will either manufacture this ourselves or source it from one of our established suppliers. When doing so we consider quality, lead time and integration into the unit altogether. 

Make your warehouse fireproof

Firewalls and fire doors

The insulation material for your steel unit acts as a perfect fire retardant. When designing your building we allow for the need for fire-resistant partition walls and doors. This enables you to enhance your employees’ safety as well as protecting the goods stored in your warehouse.


Smoke vent

What if a fire breaks out? Then a smoke vent can do wonders. These Plexiglas vents can be opened either automatically or manually.  This disperses the smoke rapidly. In addition they allow extra natural daylight into your steel unit.


Stringent fire safety standards

Your Astrigma warehouse complies with the Bs1-d0 fire safety standard – the highest available. Moreover all our warehouses comply comfortably with legal requirements.

Robust and colourful steel walls

Robust trapezoidal sheets

Have the columns and wind bracing been installed? If so it is time to fit your steel wall cladding. It consists of trapezoidal sheets in pre-painted HSS steel with a zinc coating over the base metal. This composition ensures robustness.


In your corporate colour

Do you want a red building? A green one? A blue one with white stripes? This can be done. We can supply your steel wall cladding in 15 RAL colours and in any combination you choose. All components are painted in advance and made to size so they can be erected on site quickly and efficiently by two Frisomat employees.

Sectional doors for more flexibility

As wide as you choose
Will you be using your Astra to store aircraft? Do you need to drive in and out with a large tractor? No problem. Your entrance door can be just as high and as wide as the gable end of your building.


Choose your type of door yourself
Do you want a pedestrian door? A sectional door? An extra-wide door? We will equip your Astra warehouse exactly as you wish.


No concessions on sturdiness
Your choice of door will not adversely affect the integrity of the steel construction. Regardless of the type you choose, your steel warehouse will retain its maximum load-bearing capacity and stability.

Steel canopy on the outside

Extra storage space
Your warehouse does not end at the steel side wall. By adding on a steel canopy you can expand your storage space by a few metres, which is ideal for goods that need to be kept dry but not necessarily stored indoors.


Additional shade inside

Are you incorporating an office in your steel unit? If so sunlight shining directly through the windows can have an annoying effect on your staff’s computer screens. With solar protection you will keep out direct sunlight and heat.