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Elegantný sklad s maximálnym vnútorným priestorom.

  • Malé a veľké rozpätie – Váš sklad bude do 21 metrov široký a do 7 metrov vysoký. Neexistujú žiadne obmedzenia dĺžky pre Váš sklad.
  • Oceľ najvyššej kvality – Profily, rohové, hrebeňové časti a krovy sú vyrobené z vysoko akostnej pozinkovanej ocele HSS.
  • Ideálny sklad a výroba – Chcete zväčšiť Vaše skladové alebo výrobné priestory? Hľadáte cenovo efektívne zväčšenie Vašej hospodárskej budovy? Astrigma je dokonalou odpoveďou.

Astrigma bude postavená skôr, než sa stihnete nazdať. Dvaja skúsení montéri a ľahké nákladné auto so žeriavom to zvládnu za pár týždňov! 

Foundations to build on »
Steel columns: light and strong at the same time »
Your steel unit assembled at lightning speed »
Steel wind bracing »
Build a door into your steel unit »
Excellent insulation on all sides »
A steel roof for your unit »
A steel roof with a rooflight »
Perfectly integrated steel roof guttering »
Give your steel building individual character »
Fire safety in your steel industrial building »
Steel walls for your unit »

Foundations to build on

Steel unit on solid foundations

Your Astrigma warehouse can be erected anywhere. Depending on the purpose of your steel warehouse and the foundation available, we will choose the most suitable form of foundations: concrete blocks dug in, prefabricated concrete blocks, a new or existing concrete floor, a concrete plinth beam, etc. There are possibilities on every site.


Steel warehouse on a uneven foundation? No problem!

Is the ground uneven on your site? This is not a problem as we will use a concrete plinth beam to anchor your Astrigma warehouse down perfectly level. Our flexible foundation systems enable your steel depot or unit to be erected on any foundation.


Guaranteed stability

Which foundation type you choose best? That will depend on the actual conditions on site. Our specialists will be happy to investigate with you which foundations are most suitable for your purpose. In any event your steel warehouse will then be protected against severe weather.

Steel columns: light and strong at the same time

Steel columns designed and manufactured in house

All steel columns on your Astrigma warehouse are designed and manufactured in our own plant. This enables us to check and ensure steel quality from start to finish. This means you can be certain that your steel construction is able to withstand the most severe weather.


High-grade galvanised steel

We use HSS zinc-magnesium coated galvanised steel exclusively. This enables us to achieve maximum load-bearing capacity with minimal weight; we protect your construction against salt-laden air, sand, rain and hail.


Customisation with unlimited flexibility

You will choose the height of your Astrigma warehouse yourself – from 4 to 7 metres. We prepare your upright steel columns with all the necessary connecting points in advance. This speeds up the assembly on site. Moreover you remain entirely free to adjust your steel unit as you wish with colours, insulation, rooflights, large and small doors, etc.

Your steel unit assembled at lightning speed

Prefabricated, form columns to ridge

All steel purlins, columns, trusses, connecting pieces and ridge pieces are designed and manufactured in advance under strictly controlled conditions in our factory. This enables us to guarantee the solidity of your construction even before the various components are fastened together.


Two specialist erectors

Two assemblers and a lightweight crane: that is all that is needed to assemble your Astrigma warehouse on site from the ground up. Welding is superfluous thanks to our patented screws and bolts. Moreover, standardised connecting pieces mean everything proceeds at lightning speed.


Lightweight steel columns

Every column in your steel Astrigma unit can be carried and installed by two erectors. Nevertheless all components are strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions. The high quality of the cold-rolled and galvanised steel in your construction guarantees this.

Steel wind bracing

Suitable for severe weather

Wind or stability bracings ensure added firmness and stiffness under both horizontal loads (winds) and vertical loads (snow).


Regardless the size of your unit

Wind bracings keep your Astrigma unit straight and stable. The width of the span and the length of the unit are not significant – stability bracings are clever solutions for all sizes. This wind bracing is provided as standard in every unit.



High-quality steel, developed in house

The steel for our wind bracing is also processed at our own factory. It complies with the same quality requirements as all the other components of your Astrigma warehouse.

Build a door into your steel unit

Maximum flexibility

Do you want an outward-sliding door to drive your machinery and vehicles in? If so we will place it ourselves. Do you need a sectional door  or an extra wide one? No problem – your flexibility will be assured.


Perfectly integrated

Your sectional door integrates perfectly into the building. You choose the size, colour and method of operation – we will provide the requisite guides in high-quality steel. Furthermore there is no limit to the number of doors in your building since they do not impinge the solidity of the construction.


Finishing details as you wish

Would you like a large door in the same RAL colour as your unit? Or are you looking for a striking contrast? Do you want manual operation? Electric? A door with translucent panels? Anything is possible. We even install sectional doors in the sides without any adverse impact on solidity.

Excellent insulation on all sides

Different types of insulation

You choose for yourself how you want the unit insulated: with glass or rock wool, sandwich panels or with an anti-condensation membrane in the roof. All insulation materials are prepared in our own workshop to size and shipped along with the steel construction components. This means you don’t waste a single second when your unit is being erected.


Sandwich panels give the best result

You will achieve the highest insulation values using sandwich panels. Moreover these panels integrate perfectly into your unit and they can be rapidly installed. They give your building a contemporary look and are suitable for all manner of applications: industrial buildings, workshops, storehouses, etc.


Astrigma as a cold store with the appropriate insulation

Your Astrigma warehouse can be used perfectly well as a cold storage. Using sandwich panels of the appropriate thickness enables you to maintain the required temperature inside. This can even be achieved where the ambient air heats up considerably.

A steel roof for your unit

Able to withstand severe weather

The roof of your warehouse has a tough time: wind, hail, rain, snow, sunshine, etc. they all impact your roof cladding mercilessly. That is why we treat the roof cladding on your Astrigma warehouse with a colour-fast and wear-proof film. This makes them last longer and retain their fresh appearance.


Trapezoidal sheets

The trapezoidal sheets on your Astrigma roof are able to withstand substantial loads. Moreover they give your steel warehouse a modern and contemporary look. Combined with sandwich panels they provide an extremely robust and perfectly insulated unit.


Production in our own factory

We produce all roof cladding for your Astrigma warehouse in our own workshop. In this way we retain control over the production process and are able to guarantee top quality. All roof cladding is manufactured using the same material as the walls.

A steel roof with a rooflight

Rooflight for natural light

A rooflight is the most cost-effective and easiest way to bring natural daylight into your warehouse. We install transparent polyester sheets in the roof over the length of your warehouse for maximum daylight provision.


Integrity and insulation guaranteed

The rooflight does not jeopardise the sturdiness of your steel construction. Moreover, because we integrate the rooflight properly, the insulation of your warehouse remains perfectly functional. In addition we can guarantee an impeccable finish with a matching ridge piece.


Vary at will

Do you want a rooflight over the entire length of your warehouse? Or just above the office area? Are you opting for translucent panels in the side of your unit? It is up to you to determine how much natural daylight streams into your unit.

Perfectly integrated steel roof guttering

Excellent rainwater drainage

Of course it will rain on your warehouse occasionally, in which case effective rainwater drainage is crucial and is achieved with a system that channels the water off your roof at once.


Customised positioning

The exact positioning of the roof guttering and downpipes will be determined in line with the square meterage of the warehouse. In doing so we always specify ample steel downpipes, certainly so in wider buildings.


Elegant design

We make the downpipes and roof guttering in the same sheet steel material as the other components of your Astrigma warehouse. This makes the rainwater goods unobtrusive and your warehouse will retain its elegant and contemporary appearance.

Give your steel building individual character

Windows and doors

Do you want a pedestrian door next to the large door in your warehouse? A row of windows where your office is located? No problem. We will have no problem incorporating windows, ordinary doors and safety doors in your Astrigma warehouse. It is even possible to build a pedestrian door into the sectional door. This will enable you to utilise your building to the fullest.


Loading docks, canopies and overhead cranes

We will equip your warehouse inside as you wish, with an office on a mezzanine or a loading dock for goods vehicles. Do you need an overhead crane? Or canopies for extra storage space? No problem, we will include them in the construction of your warehouse.

Fire safety in your steel industrial building

Smoke vent

A smoke vent increases fire safety in your Astrigma warehouse. These Plexiglas vents can be opened either automatically or manually.


Firewalls and fire doors

Do you want added fire safety for the inside rooms of your warehouse by equipping it with firewalls or fire doors? If so we will provide suitable non-combustible insulation material. This will protect your staff as well as the contents of your warehouse against fire.


Stringent fire safety standards

Your Astrigma warehouse complies with the Bs1-d0 fire safety standard. Moreover all our warehouses comply comfortably with legal requirements.

Steel walls for your unit

Protected against corrosion

All materials in your Astrigma warehouse are protected against salt, rain, sunlight and hail. You will select the desired coating yourself (Polyester, Plastisol, or PVDF), and Frisomat will look after the appropriate preliminary treatment.


Another option: no sides

Of course you don’t have to have wall cladding fitted between your steel columns. The columns themselves support the entire construction and constitute the backbone of your building. Hence not having wall cladding is not detrimental to integrity. This is a smart and cost-effective answer if you have no real need for sides in your warehouse.


Insulation options

Do you want to have your warehouse insulated? If so you have various options: sandwich panels provide the best insulation, while insulation cassettes, using glass or rock wool, are more budget-friendly. In every case we will ensure perfect installation.