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Pridaná stabilita pre veľké rozpätia.

  • Vysoké bočné steny – Oceľová jednotka, ktorej výška siaha do deviatich metrov a  je do tridsaťpäť metrov široká, je dokonalá pre kancelárske priestory alebo výrobný závod. 
  • Perfektná stabilita – Oceľové nosníky v streche zaručujú vysoký stupeň stability, dokonca aj v extrémnych podmienkach.
  • Vysoko kvalitná oceľ – Postavená od základov zo za studena valcovanej ocele HSS najvyššej kvality, s priestorom na prispôsobenie si podľa vlastných potrieb.

Vaša Ceptra budova bude postavená dvomi Frisomat montérmi  v súlade so všetkými predpismi a platnými normami. 

Firm foundations »
Galvanised steel up to nine metres high »
Exceptionally strong connecting pieces »
Ridge piece finishes off your building »
sturdiness assured thanks to wind bracing »
Insulate your unit »
Trapezoidal sheets on the roof »
Translucent panels »
Roof guttering in the colour of your unit »
Customise your building »
Fire safety at the forefront »
Robust and colourful steel walls »
Sectional doors for added flexibility »

Firm foundations

Prefabricated concrete foundations

Along with your steel panels and columns we also supply prefabricated concrete foundation elements at the same time. These are provided with all the requisite connection points for your steel construction so it is erected at lightning speed.


On concrete floors and plinth beams too

Are you erecting the Ceptra unit on an uneven foundation? No problem. We can also anchor your building onto a concrete plinth or concrete floor. In that case we will discuss the exact positioning of the anchor points for the columns.

Galvanised steel up to nine metres high

From four to nine metres high
Thanks to its flexible construction system, Ceptra goes from 4 to 9 metres high and from 15 to 35 metres wide. Whatever the size you wish, Ceptra has the answer.


Strong Sigma sections

We use HSS steel in a double Sigma section exclusively for your columns. This enables us to create a robust structure which retains its light weight at the same time.


Stringent quality control

All the steel for your columns and roof structure is manufactured in our own factory in Antwerp. We also regularly check the quality of the cold-rolled steel at our suppliers so you will always have the benefit of the strongest steel that meets the most stringent production standards.

Exceptionally strong connecting pieces

Crucial elements

Corner pieces and connecting pieces for your unit are crucial to the integrity of your steel structure. These components are all tailor-made in our factory. There, we can maintain controlled conditions the best and guarantee that your building will be of absolute top quality.


Prefabricated connecting pieces

Every connecting piece leaves our factory with the requisite drilled holes and connecting points in exactly the right positions. This means your steel structure will fit together perfectly when it is being erected. This will save you time.

Ridge piece finishes off your building

Extra-strong prefabricated ridge piece

The ridge for your Ceptra unit is made to measure in advance in our factory by our craftsmen. This enables the  sturdy connecting piece to be installed rapidly on site which will guarantee the solidity of your construction from the first instant.


Ten-degree roof pitch

The roof of your Ceptra unit is pitched at 10 degrees. This gives your warehouse a modern and contemporary look, ideal for a storage unit, spacious showroom or offices. This is certainly the case because you can adapt Ceptra to your needs: a mezzanine for extra offices, a canopy for extra storage, etc.   

sturdiness assured thanks to wind bracing

Steel cables

A nine metre high steel building presents quite a large target for the wind. This is not a problem: we stretch steel wind bracing between the steel columns and in the roof in order to provide added strength and stiffness. Because we also manufacture these components to size, they fit perfectly in your warehouse and take no time to install.

Wind bracing is a standard feature with Ceptra.


In-house production

We use steel of the same top quality as that is used in the columns and roof cladding. Your entire warehouse is therefore made up of HSS steel that passes the most stringent quality requirements.

Insulate your unit

Ideal as an office building

Thanks to its straight walls and horizontal ceiling, Ceptra is eminently suitable for use as office space. Moreover you can provide the unit with perfect insulation. Therefore your staff is always working in a pleasant temperature.


Glass wool or sandwich panels? It’s up to you!

We will be happy to discuss with you what options we offer to provide your Ceptra unit with perfect insulation. High-quality sandwich panels provide the highest insulation values and look stylish. Insulation cassettes with glass wool are a more budget-friendly alternative. Our specialists will be happy to guide you in this decision process.

Trapezoidal sheets on the roof

Strong steel

The roof of your Ceptra building consists of pre-painted steel trapezoidal sheets which are galvanised and given a weather-resistant coating. We only use HSS steel from suppliers with a sound reputation.


Custom-made and in your colour

At our Antwerp factory we cut and bend all sheets exactly to size. This enables our erectors to get down to work at once with perfect prefabricated components. You choose the colour for your roof cladding from 15 RAL colours, from yellow and green to red and blue – or any combination. This enables you to personalise the roof of your steel unit entirely to your liking.

Translucent panels

Natural daylight from the ridge

The best way of getting enough natural lighting into the interior? A rooflight in the ridge. This consists of translucent panels in strong plastic over the entire length of your warehouse, enabling daylight to stream into your unit unimpeded. You don’t need a rooflight? No problem, there are numerous options.


Free choice of rooflight

Do you want a rooflight next to the ridge? Or would you rather have a daylight panel in the sides? Do you want several small strips? It’s your choice. All translucent sheets are prepared, supplied and fitted by Frisomat itself. This means you have just one supplier to fully equip your unit.

Roof guttering in the colour of your unit

Steel roof gutter

We fit steel roof guttering to the sides of your steel building so rainwater will flow away rapidly in the event of a downpour. The roof gutters are in the same colour as the other steel sheets on your building. Functional as well as discrete.


Efficient rainwater discharge

Our engineers calculate the number of downpipes required based on roof pitch and the size of your unit. In any event your steel building will never accumulate water, even during heavy rain.

Customise your building

You are in the driving seat

Although steel constitutes the backbone of your Ceptra building, you can tailor it to your wishes and to your heart’s content. Do you want to incorporate a mezzanine in your building as an office? Extra windows and doors? A partition wall? Any of these can be done. We even provide large doors and sliding doors in order to improve access. The possibilities are virtually unlimited: loading docks, canopies, overhead cranes, etc.


Perfectly integrated

Because we install all accessories ourselves, you will enjoy the peace of mind of working with just one supplier. Moreover our experienced erectors guarantee your building will be rapidly and properly installed.

Fire safety at the forefront

Firewalls and fire doors

We ensure your building is a safe place at all times. Manually or electrically-operated smoke vents ensure rapid smoke extraction from your building and you can further increase this assurance with fire-resistant partition walls.


Stringent fire safety standards

Your Ceptra warehouse passes the Bs1-d0 fire safety standard, the highest available. Moreover all our warehouses comply comfortably with legal requirements.

Robust and colourful steel walls

Trapezoidal sheets against the wall

Not only do our steel trapezoidal sheets look sleek and modern – once again they are also extra robust. Because we manufacture them in the same pre-painted HSS steel as the columns in your building, you will be satisfied that stability is assured.


You have a choice of 15 colours

We supply your steel wall cladding in 15 RAL colours. You can choose your corporate colours or go for stylish grey or dark green. You can even alternate between colours! This will give your building some more personality or the exact colours of your company.


Rapid assembly

Your wall panels will also be erected in double-quick time thanks to their unique construction system. Two erectors and a light truck-mounted crane will complete the job.

Sectional doors for added flexibility

Optimum accessibility

Access to your building for large machinery or vehicles is of course of great importance. Depending on your needs we can equip your industrial building with a door of the required size. Moreover it will integrate perfectly with the unit as a whole and be erected with the rest of your building. A simple package for enhanced user-friendliness.


Sliding or sectional door

Do you want an automatic sectional door? Is a large sliding door what you are looking for? It makes no difference to us: we will erect your building rapidly and complete it as agreed.