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Oceľový sklad priateľský k Vášmu rozpočtu.

  • Tradičná sedlová strecha -22 stupňoví sklon strechy dáva Vášmu oceľovému skladu charakteristický priemyselný vzhľad. 

Hodnota za peniaze - Váš sklad Delta je najrýchlejší a najlacnejší spôsob, ako rozšíriť úložný priestor pomocou šikmej strechy našej oceľovej jednotky. 
Robustné profily - všetky diely na Vašom sklade Delta sú vyrobené z vysoko kvalitnej HSS ocele.
Delta je oceľová jednotka so širokým spektrom využitia: ako dočasná stavba, stodola, sklad, dielňa, a pod. 

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Insulation »
Steel roof cladding »
Translucent panels »
Firm foundations »
Steel columns »
Prefabricated connecting pieces »
Wind bracing ensures added stability »
Roof guttering and drainage in steel »
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Sectional door »

Ridge piece

22-degree roof pitch

Your steel factory unit has a traditional roof pitch of 22 degrees which gives your building that characteristic industrial look.


Robust ridge piece

At the top the ridge piece ensures both halves of the roof meet up neatly. The ridge piece thus constitutes the highest point of your construction and it is prepared in advance at our factory. It is made up of the same steel C-sections as the rest of your steel building. In this way we are able to guarantee speed during the erection process as well as the sturdiness of your industrial building.


High-grade insulation materials

Do you want pleasant working conditions inside your building? If so, you are best choosing an insulating Alcreflex foil. We can install it very quickly during erection. This will ensure your building retains its comfortable living and working environment in every season.


Insulation optional

Your Delta unit can be given optimum insulation, but your business may not necessarily require this, which is why we always offer insulation as an option. If you don’t need it, you won’t have to pay for it either.

Steel roof cladding

Maximum span up to 15 metres

Your Delta building manages a maximum span of 15 metres. The minimum width of your warehouse is 7.5 metres. Highly suitable as a workshop, storage warehouse or temporary depot.


Cold-rolled steel roof cladding

The roof cladding on your Delta building is manufactured from high quality HSS steel and prepared to the desired size at our factory. All sheets fit together precisely and are assembled at lightning speed by our specialists.


You choose the colour

Traditional green barns are very popular in farming. However your unit need not of course be green. You can choose the colour from our 15 RAL colours. Moreover you can have your shed in more than one colour if you wish.

Translucent panels

Allow daylight in

Will you be using your Delta building as a workshop or production facility? If so, daylight is essential. However a rooflight can be very useful in a storage facility too.


Choose your type of daylight provision

Delta warehouses are infinitely flexible. Would you like translucent panels in your roof? Or would you rather have a steel roof without any provision for natural light? We can do anything. Daylight panels are included in the standard equipment of your Delta unit. You can choose how you want them fitted.


Integrity guaranteed

Daylight panels do not make your construction less robust. When designing our steel units, our engineers ensure it is just as stable and strong after fitting the translucent panels as a building entirely in steel.

Firm foundations

Build wherever you like

Delta agricultural barns and storage warehouses can be erected anywhere. A flat foundation is of course the easiest to work on, but we can also erect your Delta unit on uneven ground or on a slope.


Steel on concrete = steady as a rock

Your steel building can be anchored perfectly on a concrete floor or plinth beam. Our foundation components are very well suited to this. Is there an existing concrete floor or plinth beam? No problem if there is, our prefabricated concrete plinths are the answer.


Perfectly prepared

We take care to ensure that the concrete foundation of your steel building has all the necessary connecting points. That makes erecting your steel structure a simple and rapid job.

Steel columns

Sides from 2.5 to 5 metres

The sides of your steel Delta building can be up to five metres high but the usable height is of course much greater. You can fit in a great deal of extra goods under a gable roof with a 22 degree pitch.


Top quality steel

The columns in your Delta building consist of sturdy HSS grade cold-rolled steel sections that combine light weight with strength. All sections are galvanised and coated with a 275 g per square metre zinc layer. This standard coating protects against corrosion, rain, sunlight and hail.

Prefabricated connecting pieces


Everything on your Delta warehouse is produced in advance at our factory and erected very fast on site. The connecting pieces constitute the joint between the load-bearing structure and the roof. All they require on site is to be bolted together which cuts down on erection time as well as increasing the integrity of the overall construction.


Galvanised steel

The base material for the connecting pieces in your Delta factory unit is the same galvanised cold-rolled steel that we use everywhere in your construction. This enables us to guarantee integrity at every point.


Ready for assembly

You don’t want to waste time while erecting your workshop, building or industrial warehouse. That is why we reduce assembly time by providing each component in advance with the right connecting points and drilled holes. This means the connecting pieces will also be correctly positioned at lightning speed.

Wind bracing ensures added stability

Lightweight but very firm

The use of C-sections in cold-rolled steel makes the Delta unit extremely light which saves production and transport costs. However we do not compromise in any way what robustness is concerned: your steel Delta building is stable, safe and more than complied with all statutory standards.


Extra solildity with wind bracings

In larger warehouses the wind can impose heavy loads on the outer structure of your steel building. In order to guarantee that the building will have no trouble to remain standing even in the severest storms, we incorporate wind bracings in the sides and in the roof of your steel construction.  Wind bracings are part of the standard specification of your Delta unit.

Roof guttering and drainage in steel

Roof guttering and drainage

We always finish your building with roof guttering on the outside and adequate  downpipes. Our standard finish for them is the same RAL colour as the rest of your building.


Calculated by our engineers

The dimensions of your roof guttering and the number of downpipes will of course depend on the surface area of your roof. In advance, we will work everything out to perfection so the rainwater on your roof is discharged as efficiently as possible.


Flexibility and free choice

You can specify the accessories we fit in your warehouse yourself: extra windows, small or large doors? A mezzanine? Finished in timber panels? Delta guarantees maximum flexibility to match your needs.


Fit out Delta as you wish

Obviously how your warehouse is fitted out will depend on the nature of your business. In each case we give you the option of equipping your unit with all kinds of accessories which will enable you to match your Delta unit as closely as possible to your wishes.

Fire protection

Compliance with standards

Your Delta warehouse complies with all local fire safety standards. All materials used in your unit comply with the stringent Bs1-d0 fire regulations.


Smoke vent

With a smoke vent you will prevent a small fire going on to cause major damage. The smoke vent enables smoke to escape rapidly making it easier to extinguish the fire and evacuate the building.

Wall cladding

HSS S280 steel

The sides of your unit are erected in high-grade HSS steel, galvanised with a thick coating of zinc. This wall cladding guarantees that your warehouse will be sturdy, windproof and weather-resistant, even in the most severe conditions.


15 RAL colours

You can choose your favourite colour from a range of fifteen RAL colours. Do you want a combination? Do you want to alternate between a few colours on the side wall? No problem.


Rapidly assembled thanks to the Meccano method

Delta is standardised customisation. This means that all wall cladding, roof cladding and steel columns are manufactured in advance in our factory in line with a wide range of standard sizes. This accelerates the erection process significantly and ensures your Delta unit remains budget-friendly.

Sectional door

Wide door in your unit

Do you want a large door in your industrial building or barn? No problem. We will equip your warehouse with all the connecting points required for a large sliding or sectional door.


Integrity maintained

Fitting one or more doors in your unit does not have any adverse impact on the stability of your building. Our engineers calculate the load-bearing capacity in advance with the utmost accuracy and incorporate your doors into the overall unit thus providing you with the assurance of a robust unit every time.