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Štýlová priemyselná budova s rovnou strechou.

  • Štýlová rovná strecha – S minimálnym sklonom strechy 1.72°  získa Vaša hala moderný a elegantný vzhľad.
  • Viac, ako len priemyselná budova – Vaša Flatrigma jednotka je dokonale vhodná ako predvádzacia miestnosť, výrobný závod či budova s kanceláriami.
  • Maximálny priestor – So stranami vysokými až osem metrov nebudete mať žiaden problém vytvoriť poschodie vo Flatrigma hale vďaka praktickému medziposchodiu od Frisomatu. 

Flatrigma oceľové budovy sú postavené veľmi rýchlo a to len dvomi montérmi a ľahkým žeriavom.

On any foundation »
Steel columns up to eight metres high »
Steel connecting pieces »
Steel ridge piece »
Steel wind bracing »
High-quality insulation »
Roof cladding »
Rooflight »
Roof gutter »
Accessories »
Fire protection »
Steel wall cladding »
Sectional door »

On any foundation

Prefabricated concrete plinths

We anchor the columns of your Flatrigma industrial building on prefabricated concrete plinths. We equip them with the appropriate connecting points for the columns so the unit is erected rapidly and efficiently.


A concrete floor or plinth beam

Are there existing concrete foundations in place? Perfect, then we will let you know in advance exactly how you need to incorporate the attachment points in your concrete slab or plinth.

Steel columns up to eight metres high

Columns in high-grade steel

The columns in your Flatrigma industrial building or showroom are the most crucial elements in your steel construction. At Frisomat we always use high-grade HSS steel galvanised with a thick zinc coating. In this way you can be certain that the steel structure is of top quality.


Up to eight metres high

Flatrigma is a building with a flat roof. You choose the height for yourself: from four to eight metres. This makes Flatrigma suitable for all kinds of applications: these include office buildings, industrial buildings, showrooms, etc.


Make maximum use of the height

You will have no problem incorporating a mezzanine in a large Flatrigma unit. Our unique system of steel mezzanines helps you make optimum use of the whole interior of your building.

Steel connecting pieces


Sturdiness is the most important feature of our steel buildings and units. It is no different with Flatrigma. In order to guarantee that your steel showroom or industrial building will always maintain its shape, we tie the vertical and horizontal columns together using extremely strong connecting pieces.


Ready for assembly

The connecting pieces for your Flatrigma warehouse are produced in our factory just like all the other elements. Accordingly, we supply these components ready for assembly, with all connecting points and holes positioned exactly right. This enables two Frisomat erectors to complete the assembly work at lightning speed.

Steel ridge piece

Maximum span up to 20 metres

Flatrigma is not completely flat. This is intentional. Thanks to the gentle roof pitch (1.72°) we have succeeded in increasing the span of your building to 20 metres. Moreover a minimal amount of slope is required for efficient drainage.



Ridge piece as the cape stone.

The steel columns come together in the middle of the building in a made-to-measure ridge piece. This prefabricated component will have been prepared at our factory and provided with all necessary connecting points for rapid assembly.

Steel wind bracing

Severe weather? No problem

The steel columns and wall cladding used in your Flatrigma building are capable of withstanding severe weather conditions. To give your building extra stiffness we fit wind bracing in the side walls and in the roof. This means your Flatrigma building will have no problem withstanding strong gusts of wind too.

Wind bracing is part of the standard specification of your industrial building.



Perfect integration

The wind bracing is made of the same materials as the rest of the structure. This means the wind bracing will be perfectly integrated into your Flatrigma building.

High-quality insulation

Always at the right temperature

Large numbers of people will soon be working in your Flatrigma building or you may be receiving customers and visitors. Of course, you want pleasant temperatures: not too hot, not too cold. You will achieve this very result with our insulation.


Select your insulation

We offer various types of insulation for your Flatrigma steel buildings. In some cases you will already have adequate insulation with insulation cassettes or an anti-condensation membrane. Nonetheless sandwich panels are a more stylish answer in many cases, it all depends on your application.

Roof cladding

Modern look

The roof on your Flatrigma unit is almost flat. Its pitch is barely 1.72 degrees so your building boasts a robust, sleek and modern look which is perfect for a showroom, office building or a large industrial unit.


Steeldeck on the roof

The pre-painted steeldeck panels on the roof are by standard in RAL 9002 (color: gray-white). They are covered with polystyrene insulation. A PVC film makes it completely waterproof and durable. You can of course have a rooflight built in – thus ensuring you have enough daylight inside.


Prefabricated sheet steel

All steel sheets for your Flatrigma unit are made to measure at our Antwerp factory and prepared for rapid assembly on site. Frisomat’s unique Meccano system ensures that your unit can be installed rapidly and efficiently by two erectors.


Allow daylight in

Will you be using your Flatrigma as a showroom? Do you have vehicles or other equipment on show? If so you want as much light as possible streaming in. This can be done with glazed sides – but also with translucent cladding in the roof.


Immediate installation

You need just one contractor to supply and install your Flatrigma unit. Frisomat supplies not only the steel components – we also look after the rooflight. This is quick, efficient and a guarantee of quality.

Roof gutter

Steel roof gutter

We make your roof guttering and downpipes in the same galvanised and cold-rolled HSS steel as the rest of your unit. Even the colour is identical. This means the pipes won’t stand out and your building will retain its sleek exterior appearance.

Would you nevertheless like your roof guttering in another colour? No problem!


Calculated in advance

Your Flatrigma unit looks flat but it isn’t. With the minimal 1.72 degree roof pitch we can guarantee perfect rainwater run-off. Moreover our engineers will work out to perfection exactly how many downpipes you need in order to discharge the rainwater correctly.


Flexibility and free choice

You can specify the accessories we fit in your building yourself: windows, small or large doors? A mezzanine? Timber panels in a side wall? Flatrigma stands for maximum flexibility which means you can build exactly the unit you need.


Fit out Flatrigma as you wish

Obviously how your steel building is fitted out will depend on the nature of your business. The design will be based on your ideas and insights.

Fire protection

A fire? Don’t panic!

You will of course shortly be equipping your building with fire extinguishers. However fire safety is also a priority for us. The construction has room for smoke vents in the roof through which gases, smoke and other harmful substances can escape.

Our steel units comply with Bs1-d0, the most stringent standard available.



Added fire safety thanks to insulation

The sandwich panels that keep your unit nice and warm in the winter, also have a fire-retardant effect. This gives you the assurance that you will have no trouble evacuating your employees.

Steel wall cladding

Steel trapezoidal sheets

All steel sides of your Flatrigma building consist of galvanised cold-rolled HSS steel prepared in our factory prior to erecting.


Steel or timber?

The steel wall cladding for your Flatrigma building is available in 15 RAL colours. However you can also opt for timber or glazed walls, giving your building a unique effect. Otherwise you can leave the side open – since Flatrigma has absolutely no need of side walls if you don’t want them.


As large as you like

Your Flatrigma offers a maximum span of 20 metres but you can also link two units together for a 40 metre wide interior space with just one row of columns running down the middle. Would you like to extend your unit lengthwise as some point in the future? This can be done. We don’t even have to make any alterations to the existing construction!

Sectional door

Sectional or sliding door

Do you want a steel sliding door? Would you rather have a fully automatic sectional door? Or will just a few doors suffice to gain access to your unit? You choose, we build.


A large or small door?

The steel structure of your Flatrigma building is sturdy enough to take various doors of different sizes. Our engineers will work out accurate figures for the integrity of your building.