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Super silná oceľová priemyselná budova s rovnou strechou.

  • Nosníky v rovnej streche – Oceľová konštrukcia Vašej Flatro jednotky má dodatočné spevnenie vďaka nosníkom, ktoré sú vyrobené zo za studena valcovanej ocele.
  • Veľké rozpätie – S jej 30-metrovým rozpätím bude Flatro budova vhodná na akékoľvek priemyselné využitie.
  • Dokonalé konečné úpravy – Dokončite si Vašu oceľovú budovu s výberom detailov, ako sú izolácia, elegantné opláštenie, svetlíky a medziposchodie.

Flatro je ideálna ako výstavná hala,  budova na kancelárie, alebo ako veľký výrobný závod. Dvaja Frisomat montéri postavia Vašu budovu za veľmi krátky čas. 

Steel and concrete: a winning combination »
Robust steel columns »
Top quality connecting pieces »
Strong ridge piece »
Sturdy wind bracing »
Insulation for your steel unit »
Galvanised steel on the roof »
Rooflight for optimum daylight »
Steel roof guttering and drainage »
Fire protection »
Wall cladding »
Sectional door »

Steel and concrete: a winning combination

Concrete prefab foundations

Your steel industrial building stands four-square – it rest on firm foundations. The prefabricated concrete bases are tailored exactly to your unit and ensure stability and sturdiness on any foundation.


A concrete floor or plinth beam is another possibility

You can of course erect a steel Flatro unit on cast concrete foundations too. In this case we set the anchor points in your concrete floor to enable the steel structure to be erected rapidly and efficiently.


On any foundation

Do you want to build on uneven ground? On a downward slope? Our foundation elements are suitable for this – on any location and on any foundation.

Robust steel columns

Steel columns 8 metres high

The minimum height for Flatro is 4 metres and the maximum is 8 metres. We achieve this height using extremely strong steel columns with double Sigma sections. This method of construction guarantees that your unit will have no difficulty to remain standing even in the most severe weather.


Trusses in the roof

Flatro gives you the largest span with a flat roof – up to 30 metres wide. To achieve this span, we reinforce your roof structure with trusses in the ridge, i.e. we add extra trusses and girders in your building’s roof structure.


High-quality steel

All steel columns are manufactured in high-quality cold-rolled and galvanised HSS steel. We prepare it in our factory so erection is completed at lightning speed.

Top quality connecting pieces

Extra-sturdy connecting pieces

At the points where your upright columns and the girders in the roof structure come together, we fit steel corner pieces that complete your construction. These connecting pieces are prepared in advance by craftsmen at our factory. This gives us certainty that the connecting piece will fit perfectly on assembly.


High-quality steel

The corner pieces in your steel Flatro building consist of the same steel as all the other components of your unit. Furthermore, our Meccano system ensures they are prepared for rapid assembly just like the steel columns, girders and roof and wall cladding.


Ready for growth

You can make your Flatro building as long as you like. However it doesn’t have to be at once. Do you want to extend the length of your unit tomorrow? If so, your connecting pieces already have provision for doing this. Adding further elements to your unit can therefore be done very rapidly and without tearing down your existing construction.

Strong ridge piece

Maximum span up to 30 metres

Flatro appears to be flat, but isn’t. Thanks to the gentle roof pitch we have succeeded in increasing the span of your building to 30 metres while still  keeping rainwater drainage efficient.


Ridge piece as the cap stone.

The steel roof girders come together in the middle of the building in a made-to-measure ridge piece. This prefabricated component will have been prepared at our factory and provided with all necessary connecting points for rapid assembly.

Sturdy wind bracing

Extra solidity with wind bracing

A unit which is 8 metres high, 30 metres wide and in some cases a good fifty metres long is very exposed to the wind. In order to give your building added firmness, we build wind bracing into the roof and the side panels of the unit. Wind bracing is part of the standard specification of your Flatro unit.


Unobtrusive wind bracing

The wind bracing is bound up in the structure and gives your building that characteristic industrial look. All our wind bracing is manufactured using the same quality steel.

Insulation for your steel unit

No likelihood of cold or condensation

Your steel industrial building can cope with any weather. What’s more: with the appropriate insulation you will not notice any of the cold or heat outside at all. Optimum temperature is maintained while discouraging condensation inside as well.


Rock wool, glass wool or sandwich panels

We let you choose how you want to insulate your Flatro building. Rock wool and glass wool are more budget-friendly than sandwich panels but the last of these boast higher insulation values. It makes no difference in terms of installation: we prepare all the insulation materials in our factory and install them rapidly on site. This means you have no need of an outside supplier for your insulation materials.

Galvanised steel on the roof

Flat steel roof

The roof pitch of your Flatro building is 1.72 degrees which looks perfectly flat. Your steel building will therefore look utterly modern and stylish. A construction with a flat roof like this therefore makes Flatro suitable for all manner of applications: from showrooms to offices, including industrial buildings.


Steel trapezoidal sheets

All roofing sheets on your Flatro building are erected in cold-rolled galvanised HSS steel which is strong, light and corrosion-resistant. The steeldeck panels on the roof are in RAL 9002 (color: gray-white). On top lie polystyrene insulation boards covered with a PVC film. Thus, a watertight whole is guaranteed.

Rooflight for optimum daylight

Natural daylight through the roof

Are you using your Flatro building as a showroom or an office building? If so you will need a great deal of light. It shines in through windows and glass panels – but best of all through a rooflight above your unit.


Free choice

Would you like your Flatro to be bathed in daylight? Then go for a rooflight close to the ridge over the full length of your unit. Or opt for a number of smaller translucent panels at strategic points? All these options are available.

Steel roof guttering and drainage

Perfect drainage

Your Flatro building unit looks completely flat but it isn’t. The minimal 1.72 degree roof pitch is sufficient to provide for efficient rainwater and melting snow run-off – even if the weather is really rough outside.


Steel roof guttering and downpipes

The roof guttering and downpipes on your steel building are perfectly integrated with the overall construction. We use the same cold-rolled HSS steel and supply the components in the same colour as your roof or wall cladding. Furthermore your roof guttering is ready to fit in it entirely thanks to the handy Meccano system. Do you want your downpipes in a different colour for added contrast? No problem!

Fire protection

Complies with statutory standards

Our finished warehouses have no trouble passing the fire legislation test. They are many times safer than required – even what fire safety is concerned. Our units comply with Bs1-d0, the most stringent European standard.


Smoke vents for added ventilation

Smoke and harmful gases can easily escape through integral smoke vents in the roof of your Flatro warehouse. We fit these smoke vents ourselves – so you don’t need to approach a third party for this crucial component of your building.

Wall cladding

As large as you like

Flatro buildings are up to a maximum of 30 metres wide and 8 metres high. As for the length, it is entirely in your hands. You will even have no problem lengthening your building or linking it to another construction at a later date, without any drastic alterations to your existing structure.


Steel wall cladding

We use top quality HSS steel sourced from suppliers with an outstanding reputation exclusively for the steel walls in your Frisomat building. All trapezoidal sheets are prepared at our factory prior to fitting.


You choose the colour

The steel wall cladding for your Frisomat building is available in 15 RAL colours. However you can also opt for timber or glazed walls. A Flatro warehouse has absolutely no need of side walls if you don’t want them.

Sectional door

A large or small door?

The question is not whether you want a door in your unit, it is rather what size it needs to be. Will a pedestrian door be enough for you? Or do you want the door to be almost as wide as your building – ideal for an aircraft hangar or depot, etc.? Our extra-wide doors offer this option.


Sectional door or sliding door

Will a steel sliding door suffice? If so we will fit it at the same time as we erect the other components of your building. Would you like a sectional door in your Flatro building? If so we will provide all the anchor points and fit the door at the very end.