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Oblúkové oceľové sklady pre trvalé alebo dočasné skladové priestory.

  • Presne na mieru – Omega je vhodná pre rozpätie od 7 do 20 metrov, do maximálnej výšky 7.5 metrov, pričom veľkosť si vyberáte Vy.
  • Veľa možností – Inteligentná Omega konštrukcia činí tento sklad ako  extrémne vhodný pre letecký hangár, unimobunku na stavbu alebo stodolu.
  • Dokončovacie detaily podľa Vášho priania – Potrebujete vo vnútri veľa svetla, či chcete mať široké dvere? Žiaden problém - Váš ​​Omega sklad dokončíme s presnými detailmi podľa Vašich želaní.

Frisomat oceľové sklady sú postavené veľmi rýchlo a sú veľmi silné. Navyše, Váš sklad Omega je dokonale rozoberateľný a premiestniteľný. 

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Select your door

Outward-sliding door

Frisomat can also provide your steel Omega building with an outward-sliding door. It will fit in exactly with the other components of your warehouse since it is made up of the same steel and integrates perfectly with the unit as a whole. Moreover you can choose the colour of your door yourself.


Maximum width

You will decide for yourself how wide your outward-sliding door will be. It can almost be as wide as the building so that aircraft or heavy materials can easily roll in and out of your warehouse.

Smart steel cladding

Arched unit up to 20 metres wide

Omega was our very first type of unit and even then it was way ahead of its time. The arched span can be up to twenty metres wide and no less than 7.5 metres high along the centreline of the building. This gives you an unbelievably large amount of storage space inside.


Top quality HSS steel

The cladding of Omega warehouses consists of high-quality steel capable of withstanding the most severe conditions. Corrosion, rain, hail, sunlight, etc.: the Omega cladding is impervious to all of them.


Steel columns and timber purlins

Your steel cladding rests on an extremely strong steel column structure (IPE or tubular, depending on the local regulations). This structure combines strength and stability with lightning-fast erection – exactly what you are looking for.

Translucent panels

Daylight in your warehouse

Of course you would like a great deal of light in your storage warehouse or depot. You don’t need any electricity at all for this. With a few daylight panels you achieve the same effect at no energy cost. Moreover natural light is much more pleasant.


Fitted directly

When erecting your steel warehouse we will fit the translucent panels directly as well. They are prepared in out factory for rapid fitting, with connecting points in the right positions.

Practical accessories

Doors and windows where you want them

Most Omega warehouses have just one sliding door at the front but of course that needn’t be the case: you can quite easily specify a sliding door on either side,  a door in the side, a door plus a man door, a door and a window, or anything else for that matter. It is entirely your choice.


No nonsense

Omega is the most functional storage warehouse in cold-rolled steel. We take account of your needs to the maximum possible extent in the design: its generous interior space gives you full freedom to use your warehouse as you wish.

Firm foundations for Omega

Concrete foundations

We will erect your Omega warehouse on prefab concrete foundation blocks. Your steel warehouse will be anchored directly onto it. Would you rather have concrete foundations or are you using a plinth beam? If so we will anchor the steel unit, using anchor kits or expanding bolts.


Movable and yet sturdy

The main strength of Omega is its flexibility. Do you want to move the warehouse after a few months or years to a different corner of your site? No problem: you can demount the warehouse perfectly, separate it from the concrete foundations and erect it again elsewhere with no adverse impact on the solidity of the construction.

Insulation for your goods

High-quality insulation

Regardless of the weather outside, you want the inside of your warehouse to be a dry and pleasant place to stay. Our high-grade insulation provides this. We fit it on the inside of the steel cladding, in order both to combat condensation and to avoid temperature extremes inside.


Not obligatory

You don’t have to have any insulation fitted in your Omega unit. It is not absolutely necessary for storing some goods so you don’t need to incur this expenditure at this stage.