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Tradičná prefabrikovaná priemyselná budova s najsilnejšími Sigma profilmi.

  • Sigma profily – Naše najsilnejšie profily zo za studena valcovanej ocele HSS garantujú, že oceľová jednotka odolá aj tým najtvrdším podmienkam. 
  • Vysoká a široká – Do Sigma jednotky sa zmestí takmer všetko. Vďačíme za to jej maximálnemu  čistému rozpätiu 22 metrov s  päťmetrovými bočnými stenami.
  • Dokonalé konečné úpravy – Dokončite si Vašu Sigma halu podľa predstáv – zvoľte si malé alebo veľké dvere, izoláciu, svetlíky medziposchodie, obľúbenú RAL farbu.

Vaša priemyselná budova bude postavená za veľmi krátky čas a to len dvomi Frisomat montérmi.

Concrete prefab foundations »
Columns in galvanised steel »
Steel connecting pieces »
Quality in the ridge »
Wind bracing for extra sturdiness »
Select your insulation »
Steel roof »
Rooflight in the ridge »
Steel roof guttering for Sigma »
Fire protection »
Steel wall cladding »
Large sectional door »
Mezzanine for additional floorspace »

Concrete prefab foundations

Prefabricated concrete

We prepare your concrete foundation blocks at our factory and delivery them ready to assemble, along with all the steel components for your building. This means it will be erected rapidly and efficiently. Furthermore your unit is perfectly capable of being moved.


Concrete cast on site

Do you have an uneven foundation? Do you want a concrete floor in your industrial building? No problem, Frisomat’s smart construction system guarantees impeccable installation on most sites.


Anchor points ready

We always provide anchor points sufficient in number and correctly positioned. This enables our erectors to build your unit in no time at all.

Columns in galvanised steel

Steel columns with Sigma section

The Sigma unit bears the name of the steel sections we use for the columns. A Sigma section offers added strength in order to enable large spans to be built. The sides of these units range from 2.5 to 5 metres high.


Top quality cold-rolled steel

We always use HSS steel for our steel sections, columns and sheets. This steel is galvanised with a 275 grams per square metre zinc coating in order to guarantee maximum durability. Result: your steel building will be extremely strong.


Prefabricated steel columns

Cutting equipment and welding sets will be superfluous on your construction site. All components, including steel columns, are prepared in our factory prior to erection. This means that all connecting points are exactly in the right position and fit perfectly. This construction method guarantees very rapid installation.

Steel connecting pieces

Welded in advance

The connecting pieces in your unit are the most crucial items. They are our ‘cornerstones’. That is why these steel connecting pieces are prepared in advance at our factory. The entire steel construction will then be erected with bolts and nuts.


Prefabricated connecting pieces

Of course all connecting pieces and corner pieces are provided with all the necessary connecting points for the columns and steel trusses. This reduces the time to erect your steel building down to an absolute minimum.


Ready for tomorrow

Do you want to extend your unit tomorrow? If so, our connecting pieces are already prepared for it. Your existing steel structure can remain in place when adding extra metres to your steel Sigma unit.

Quality in the ridge

Steel cap stone

The ridge of your steel industrial building or storage facility will guarantee the integrity of your construction. That is why we use the same cold-rolled and galvanised steel as we do in the columns and roof cladding. It is just as thick and strong.


Prepared in advance

The production process for your industrial building is coordinated to such an extent that the structure can be rapidly erected on site. Your steel ridge pieces are prepared in our factory by craftsmen who have the most up-to-date equipment at their disposal. This is how we guarantee the integrity of your construction plus speed of erection.


No trusses under the roof

The steel roof on your Sigma warehouse is sturdy enough to be self-supporting without added underpinning. This means that the clear height of the sides is not the maximum height, the 22° roof pitch enables you to stack even higher under the ridge.

Wind bracing for extra sturdiness

And what if the wind starts to blow?

Your steel construction is extremely light. This is an advantage, but doesn’t it affect robustness? Absolutely not. Our tests show very clearly that our steel industrial buildings are just as capable of withstanding severe weather as other steel constructions.


Steel wind bracing

Well thought-out wind bracing is crucial to the stiffness and integrity of your construction. These steel cables between the vertical columns keep your construction firmly together – even if the weather is really rough. Because we build them in neatly, they are hardly noticeable. Wind bracing is part of the standard specification of your Sigma unit.

Select your insulation

Agreeable temperatures

Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Not in our steel industrial or office buildings thanks to their insulation. You choose the insulation material you would prefer to use yourself, depending on the use of your building.


Sandwich panel or insulation cassettes

In a storage warehouse or a steel depot, all it requires is insulation cassettes to be installed in the side panels for adequate insulation. However if you are using the building as a showroom or office space too, you are best incorporating sandwich panels in the walls of your unit. They keep the temperature comfortable at all times.

Steel roof

Steel trapezoidal sheets

The roof of your Sigma unit consists of steel trapezoidal sheets which guarantee maximum sturdiness and optimum rainwater drainage. Moreover the look is contemporary and modern – especially since you can choose from 15 RAL colours for your building. 


High-quality steel

The trapezoidal sheets on the roof of your unit are just as robust as the columns and purlins on which they rest. We use the same galvanised HSS steel that we prepare ourselves at our factory. The maximum span of your Sigma unit reaches 22 metres.


Meccano from A to Z

The steel roof cladding is also fitted in the right position at lightning speed by our specialists. The connecting points are determined in advance and prepared at the factory. We then complete the job with nuts and bolts at lightning speed on site.

Rooflight in the ridge

Allow daylight in

Daylight is essential in your unit. You can opt for electric lighting but this is often superfluous since a smart rooflight over the entire length of your building will be much more effective.


Solidity – a trump card

You can choose for yourself how much light you want to bring into your unit and exactly where you want it. Our engineers will calculate the stability of your unit in advance. Daylight panels do not affect this integrity.


Prefabricated rooflight

The translucent panels will also be made to measure by Frisomat and prepared at our factory prior to fitting. They will therefore be built in just as quickly as all the other components of your Sigma storage ware house or industrial building.

Steel roof guttering for Sigma

Rain flows away quickly

The roof pitch of your Sigma warehouse is 22 degrees which means the water will easily flow down off the roof. We collect the water on the sides in wide steel roof gutters and downpipes.



You can choose the colour of your roof gutter and downpipes yourself. We supply them as standard in the same colour as your wall cladding in order to make them as unobtrusive as possible. You can nonetheless opt for a contrast.

Fire protection

Compliance with all standards

Your Sigma unit adheres to European guidelines on fire safety in steel industrial buildings. Our units comply with standard BS1-d0. Fire safety will be guaranteed even if you insulate the building with rock wool or sandwich panels.


Smoke vent in roof

Smoke, gas or other harmful substances can escape rapidly through a smoke vent so your unit is ventilated properly. At your request we can incorporate various smoke vents in your building at the locations where they will be of most use (above machines, at the offices, etc.)

Steel wall cladding

Steel trapezoidal sheets

We fit steel trapezoidal sheets against the steel columns on the side of your industrial building in order to close it off completely. This wall cladding is manufactured from the same cold-rolled HSS steel as the rest of your construction.


You choose your side walls

Are you going for a steel side? If so you can choose the colour from our range of 15 RAL colours. However you can also opt just as well for sheet timber or glass. Otherwise you can leave the side completely or partially open: anything is possible.

Large sectional door

Build a door into your unit

Your unit needs to be flexible and user-friendly for you and your employees as well as for your products and raw materials. That is why we will be happy to incorporate a large door into your building, which can be a steel sliding door or a fully automatic sectional door. It is up to you.


Wider? Higher? More? No problem

The advantage of your steel Frisomat construction? It is infinitely flexible. You make the doors in your unit as large and as wide as you like and you place them where you want.

Mezzanine for additional floorspace

An upper floor in your steel unit

Do you need extra space for storage or an office? If so your best plan is to install a mezzanine in a part of your steel building. In this way you will double the usable space in your unit.


All built in at the same time

All the materials for your mezzanine will be prepared in our factory prior to installation. This means you will have just one supplier for your building and the mezzanine.


Ideal as office space

Mezzanines make perfect offices in your steel unit. This enables you to combine your industrial building with office space at a single location.