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Oblúkový sklad s rovnými bokmi, ideálny pre skladovanie tovaru.

  • Čistá výška – Jedinečný tvar oceľových skladov Upsilon ich činí mimoriadne vhodnými pre skladovanie tovaru do výšky 3.7 metrov.
  • Dokonale dokončená  –  Vybavíme Váš sklad veľkými alebo malými dverami, rovnako aj oknami a izolačnými materiálmi presne podľa Vášho želania. Dokonca si môžete vybrať aj  farbu.
  • Cenovo prijateľná – Vďaka impregnovaným dreveným väzníkom sme schopní udržať Vaše náklady na oceľový sklad nízko, pričom pevnosť ostáva zachovaná.

Oceľový sklad Upsilon vyčnieva svojou prijateľnou cenou a obrovskými skladovými priestormi, čo je možné vďaka  vysokým bočným stenám. 

Concrete foundations »
Steel columns »
Extremely strong connecting points »
Smart insulation »
Profiled sheets on the roof »
Steel wall cladding »
Light in the warehouse »
Roof guttering in galvanised steel »
Outward-sliding door »

Concrete foundations

Concrete anchors

Your steel unit will be erected on concrete foundations. You can have a concrete floor cast yourself or leave this job to Frisomat. In that cease we will erect the unit on concrete plinths. In both cases your warehouse will be firmly anchored so it is able to withstand the most extreme weather.


Prefab anchor kits and expansion bolts

We extend the Frisomat Meccano system from top to bottom. Two erectors will anchor your steel columns to the concrete foundation without any additional help. They manage all this thanks to the standard bolts and anchor kits provided in your foundations.


Rapidly movable

Upsilon steel buildings are utterly stable. They can nevertheless be fully dismantled and re-erected elsewhere. This is ideal if your Upsilon building is used as a temporary site building or barn.

Steel columns

High-grade steel

The framework of your warehouse consists of steel columns in top-quality HSS steel we make at our own factory. You will choose the height of your side wall columns yourself: from 2.5 to 3.7 metres.


Tubular or IPE sections

We can build your Upsilon warehouse using tubular or IPE sections. You decide which are needed based on your wishes and preferences. Our engineers will of course be happy to give advice. If the local legislation stipulates a specific arrangement we will of course adapt them accordingly.


Meccano method

All columns in your Upsilon unit will be delivered to your construction site prefabricated and ready for use. They are all provided with the requisite holes for threaded bolts so two Frisomat specialists can assemble your warehouse in no time.

Extremely strong connecting points

Crucial attachment points

The upright columns and the arched roof structure on your Upsilon warehouse come together in connecting pieces at the corners of your steel building. These corner pieces are crucial to the firmness of your construction and are therefore given special attention at our factory.


Extremely strong steel

The corner pieces are prepared  at our factory to perfection. This method guarantees a perfect and robust corner piece on the one hand, and rapid assembly on site on the other.


Meccano method

The corner pieces and connecting pieces for your warehouse are consistent with the Meccano method used in your entire Frisomat warehouse. This means they are made to measure at our factory and all have the correct attachment points and drilled holes. Ready for rapid assembly.

Smart insulation

Steel protects against the elements

Your Upsilon warehouse is built from the foundations up in high-quality galvanised steel. This steel is the best guarantee that your warehouse will have no trouble remain standing even in the severest weather.


Extra insulation against condensation

We will be happy to provide an anti-condensation membrane on the inside of your construction in order to protect goods and machinery stored there against damp. Do you wish the unit to be extra well insulated? If so, we will provide rock wool thus ensuring pleasant working conditions inside.

Profiled sheets on the roof

Arched corrugated sheets

All wall and roof cladding for your Upsilon warehouse is in high-grade steel corrugated sheets. This corrugated structure helps rainwater drainage and gives your warehouse that traditional industrial look. The vertical sides of your Upsilon warehouse can be up to 3.7 metres high.


Timber purlins

Your steel roof cladding rests on impregnated timber purlins. These purlins are lighter and more cost-effective than their steel variants. However, the unique arched construction of your warehouse means you will not be impinging in any way on stability.


Meccano method

The steel corrugated sheets on the roof of your warehouse are provided with all the connecting points that are required to erect it rapidly on site. Two Frisomat employees and a light crane will complete this task at lightning speed.

Steel wall cladding

Corrugated steel sheets

The sides of your Upsilon building consist of corrugated steel sheets in high-grade HSS steel. These high-quality corrugated sheets retain their strength even in the most challenging weather.


Straight sides

Your Upsilon warehouse is an arched warehouse with vertical side walls. This means you can easily stack goods against the sides up to 2.5 or 3.7 metres high, depending on what you have chosen.



The secret of your Frisomat Upsilon warehouse is its flexibility. You can easily demount the entire warehouse and use the same components to re-erect it somewhere else. This is ideal if you are using your Upsilon as a temporary storage facility or warehouse.

Light in the warehouse

Translucent roof cladding

You don't need to cover the entire roof with steel profiled sheets. A daylight panel here and there does wonders for added light inside.


As much as you like and where you want it

You don’t have to stop at one translucent panel. You can fit as many as you like to get more light inside. Our engineers will be happy to discuss the options in detail with you.


Delivered prefabricated

You don’t need an outside supplier for your translucent panels, since Frisomat supplies these too. What’s more: all panels are prepared in our factory in Antwerp and include the connecting points required to fit the panels quickly and simply on site.

Roof guttering in galvanised steel

Steel roof gutter

Rainwater drainage from your Upsilon warehouse is no problem at all thanks to the arched roof structure in corrugated sheets. We fit wide steel gutters in the same material as the rest of your warehouse either side of the roof.


Perfect drainage

The steel roof guttering and downpipes on the sides of your Upsilon warehouse are prepared at our factory and delivered ready for fitting. Our engineers will work out in detail exactly how many downpipes you need.

Outward-sliding door

Wide door

Do you want a wide door in your Upsilon warehouse? No problem. Thanks to the unique structure and load-bearing capacity of the steel columns in your Upsilon unit, we will have no problem fitting a wide door in the same width as your warehouse.


In all side walls

Any wall is suitable for installing a door – even the sides. What’s more: do you want more doors on different sides to facilitate loading and unloading materials or equipment? No problem!


Perfectly integrated

Frisomat will deliver your steel outward-sliding door to the construction site. We use the same steel, in the same RAL colours and with the same attachment points for installation. This means your door will be fitted at lightning speed.